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Q01. KOSMOS shows that a book I searched for is in the stacks, but I couldn't find it there.

Another user may be reading the book elsewhere in the Library, or may have replaced it on the wrong shelf; or, if the book was returned recently, it may still be at the counter. If you cannot find it at the proper location after several attempts, please inquire at the counter on that floor and the staff will look for it. You may also be able to order a copy of the same book by ILL from another library.

Q02. When I searched for a magazine in KOSMOS, it showed the title with the listing "Mita 3F". But when I looked there, I only found a partial set of back numbers of the magazine.

The shelving location of periodicals varies with their age. Click on "Locations" to see a list of locations of specific volumes of the magazine. If you can't find the magazine you're looking for at the indicated location, please ask at the counter on that floor.

Q03. KOSMOS gave "Lab. Bldg." as the location of a book I searched for. Can I get access to this book?

Some materials are located in laboratories, indicated by KOSMOS as "Lab. Bldg." You cannot use books located in a laboratory, but you may get access to periodicals and bulletins by inquiring at the Serials Counter in the New Building.

Book Loans/Returns/Renewals

Q01. How many books can I borrow at one time?

There is no limit to the number of books you can borrow at one time from the Mita Media Center. Please note that the limit varies at different Media Centers.

Q02. Can I check out English-Japanese and Japanese-English dictionaries?

Dictionaries and other reference books (identified by a call number starting with the letter R) can only be used inside the Library.

Q03. Can I check out DVDs and CDs?

Videos can only be used inside the Library. Music CDs can be borrowed for just one day. Please ask for details at the circulation section counter.

Q04. Can I renew a book I've checked out, or extend the due date?

You can renew the book if the two conditions listed below are met.

  1. The book has not been reserved by someone else
  2. The book has not been over the maximum length of period for renewal

You can renew the book on the web by logging into My Library of KOSMOS, or at the counter to bring it.
※My Library is only to the person who has KeioID or the library password. The schooling students of correspondence courses can't use My Library.

Q05. What happens if I lost or damaged a book I borrowed from the Library?

You will be charged for the cost of replacing the lost or damaged book. Please consult with staff at the Main Counter. We ask all patrons to treat the Library's books with care.

Q06. Can you tell me the title of the book I borrowed and returned some time ago?

You can check the titles of borrowed books through My Library of KOSMOS.

Q07. What can I do if I want to be the next to check out a book that a friend of mine is currently borrowing?

At first please return it, and then you can borrow it.

Q08. If I keep a book past the due date, will I be unable to check out other books?

You can still check out other books, but you will be charged a fine of 10 yen per book per day overdue. We ask all patrons to return books on time so as not to inconvenience others.

Q09. Can I return books checked out from the Old Building or the Hiyoshi Media Center to the Main Counter in the New Building?

Yes, you can return books checked out from other Library buildings or Media Centers on other Keio campuses. However, there are some exceptions (e.g. materials easily damaged in transit). When you check materials out, the staff will inform you if they must be returned to the same location.

Q10. Can I borrow materials kept in the Old Building of the Library?

Yes, most materials in the Old Building can be checked out, but some cannot. Please check with the Library staff.

Q11. Can I check out magazines?

No, you cannot check out magazines, newspapers, or other serial publications (including yearbooks, university bulletins, law reports, code books, government and corporate reports). These can only be read in the Library. You can read these materials anywhere inside the building where you obtained them, but you must return them to their original location when you are done.

Interlibrary Loans (ILL)

Q01. How long does it take to get a book on interlibrary loan from another Keio campus?

Most books will arrive two or three days after you place your order. 

Q02. Can I order magazines by interlibrary loan?

You cannot order magazines or other periodicals by ILL from other campuses, but you can order photocopies of specific articles. Also, periodicals stored at the Yamanaka Book Depository can be ordered by ILL.

Q03. How long does it take to get photocopies ordered by ILL from another Keio campus?

Most photocopies will arrive four or five days after you place your order. The copy cost is 10 yen per sheet. To ensure prompt processing of your order, be sure you correctly enter the title, page number and other information about the copied material on your order form.

Q04. Can I order materials by ILL from Waseda University?

Due to a cooperative arrangement between Keio University and Waseda University, you can order books from Waseda at no cost. You can use Waseda books for two weeks, but they must be read in the Keio University Library. Photocopies ordered from Waseda cost 20 yen per sheet (monochrome), 60 yen per sheet (color). Most materials will arrive within a week after you place your order.

Q05. Can I order materials via the ILL system from other libraries in Japan or overseas?

You can order books or photocopies from the libraries of other universities or institutions in Japan. Such orders take about two weeks, and cost approx. 1,600 yen per book or 45 yen per copy, plus shipping and a 200 yen handling fee. You can also order materials from overseas libraries via ILL, but it will take longer and cost more than domestic orders.

Purchases Books

Q01. How does the Library select the books it purchases?

The Mita Media Center has a set of guidelines for purchasing books and periodicals. It focuses on academic works, materials required for education and research, and expensive materials that cannot be readily purchased by individuals. The Mita collection differs somewhat from the collections at other Media Centers or at public libraries.

Q02. If I recommend the purchase of a specific book, will the Library purchase it?

If the Library deems the book you recommend to be of academic value, it will almost certainly purchase it. The Library may choose not to purchase some recommended works of fiction, essay collections, manuals and the like.

Q03. Can I donate a book to the Library?

The Mita Media Center collects works written by full-time Keio faculty, and gratefully accepts copies of such works upon publication. If the work you would like to donate is not in this category, please visit the Book Selection Office and speak to the staff there. They will take your offer under consideration.

Course Reserve Books

Q01. How do I look for a Course Reserve Books?

You can search Course Reserve Books on KOSMOS.

Q02. Where do I find Course Reserve Books in the Library?

Course Reserve Books are kept on the West Reading Room on 2nd floor of the New Building. Some non-book reserved materials (such as Audio-visual materials) are kept in the Service Counter on 3rd floor of the Old Building. Course Reserve Books for the law school students are kept in the second basement of the South Building. And Course Reserve Books for the School of Library and Information Science students are kept on 5th floor of the New Building.

Q03. Can I check out a Course Reserve Books?

No, Course Reserve Books are designated for use by everyone taking a specific course, so they cannot be borrowed from the Library. You can read or copy Course Reserve Books in the Library.

Graduate Theses

Q01. Why do I have to get permission from the author before I can copy a masters thesis?

Unlike other Library materials or doctoral theses, a masters thesis is not considered a public document. Copyright law requires that you obtain the permission of the author before you can copy a non-public document (even one page of it).

Q02. Why is it taking so long to get an answer to my request for permission to copy a masters thesis?

When you submit a copy permission request, the Library staff tries to contact the author as quickly as possible. However, this may take some time, particularly if the author has changed addresses or moved overseas. Some requests take over a month to process; we appreciate your patience.

Q03. Where can I find past undergraduate theses?

The Library does not store undergraduate theses. Some Faculties of the University keep their undergraduate theses, so please inquire with the pertinent Faculty.

Database and Electronic journal

Q01. Where can I access to databases and e-journals?

On campus, you can access them by any PCs connected to the campus network. Some databases are only accessible from the PCs inside the library, which we provide exclusively for searching databases and e-journals on 1st, 3rd and 4th floor. If you wish off-campus access, please refer to remote access page.

Q02. What electronic resources are available to me?

The Library subscribes to various databases to cover most subject areas taught at the University. However, the list of the database "Database Navi" is only provided in Japanese. So please ask for individual assistance with these resources at the Reference Counter on the 1st floor. You can search the e-journals and the e-books by KOSMOS. For e-journals, our "Electronic Journals" are also available. Please note that access to electronic resources is varied from campus to campus due to contract restrictions.

Q03. Do I need password to use electronic resources?

Yes. To login the University PCs, you need to obtain ITC account. For off-campus access you need the "KEIO ID".

Q04. I cannot access to electronic journals and/or databases. Where I can find a help?

Please contact mita-erwith following information along with your name and affiliation.

OS and its version on your PC: e.g. Windows 7 64 bit
Access point: e.g. from home
Browser and its version: e.g. Internet Explorer 8
Access route: e.g. via "" website
Database name or journal name and issue number : e.g.nature no.245

Or please contact our staff at the reference desk (1st floor of the main library) in person or by phone: 03-5427-1658 ext.:22543 (Mon.-Fri. 8:45-17:00)

Using Computers or Network

Q01. Can I use my computer at the library?

Yes, you can use your own computer and our Wireless and Wired Network(for only Network Account Holders) for research purpose except for the designated Reading Areas. But we don't  loan any electric devices. If you need to it and Network Acount, please contact to The Mita Information Technology Center (ITC) .

Please refer tothe Floor Plan.
Guide to wireless and wired Network use(Mita ITC website in Japanese) 

Q02. How do I print something out at the Library?

To print from an login terminal in the Database Area, use the ITC integrated printing system  (requires a prepaid card). If you are printing from a CD-ROM network terminal or stand-alone computer in the Database Area, you must bring your own paper. You can purchase printing paper at the Copy Service Counter. 

Photocopy Services

Q01. Where can I purchase a prepaid copy card?

Card dispensers are available at the following places:

- 1F and 3F in the New Building
- 3F in the Old Building
- B3F in the South Building

The card costs 1,000 yen and is only for copy machines in the Library.

Q02. Why can't I photocopy my personal documents on a copy machine in the Library?

The Library copy machines are installed for the purpose of reproducing Library materials under Article 31 of the Copyright Law. The copying of personal documents brought from outside the Library is a violation of this law.

Facilities and Equipment

Q01. Where is the Old Building?

Look for building No.2 on the Mita Campus Map. The entrance is located on 3rd floor.

Q02. Where is the South Building?

Look for building No.13 on the Mita Campus Map. The entrance is located on the 3rd basement.

Q03. Sometimes the Library seems too hot or too cold. Is there any way to adjust the temperature in a particular area?

Air temperature settings in the Library are controlled for the entire building, so they cannot be adjusted for a particular room or floor. We ask patrons to adjust by adding or removing a layer of clothing, or moving to a seat where the temperature is more comfortable.

Q04. Do you have vending machines for beverage in the library?

No. But there are water coolers on 2nd floor, 3rd floor and 4th floor in the New Building, and 3rd floor in the Old Building.

Q05. Are there paper cutters and staplers available in the Library?

Paper cutters and staplers are available at the following places:

- by the Copy Service Counter (1F of the New Building)
- in Stack Room No.3 (3F of the Old Building)
- by the copying machine (B2F and B3F of the South Building)

If you need to use other stationery equipment at the Library you should bring your own.

Q06. Can I get change inside the Library?

You can change bills at the Copy Service Counter (1st floor in the New Building). You can change 1,000 yen bills at the change dispensers located on 3rd floor of the Old Building.


Q01. Where do I go if I lost something at the Library?

Lost items are held at the Reception Counter of the New Building on the day the staff finds them. The following day they are transferred to the Lost and Found counter at the Student Affairs Office.
(When it comes to copy card/lost money around copy machines. please visit Copy Service Counter on the 1F)

Q02. Can I have food and drink in the library?

You can’t have food in the library. But drinks with lid are allowed in the general public areas and the reading room, except for the areas of computer, AV devices, and book stacks.

Q03. Is there a place in the Library where I can use my mobile phone?

Around the front area of the elevator on the 1st Floor in the New Building, You may use mobile phone. Yet, please set it to SILENT MODE and refrain from talking in other areas.