Keio University Mita Media Center


This page lists frequently asked questions and requests about the Mita Media Center of the Keio University Library. (Because operations vary among the Media Centers on different each campuses, questions about other Media Centers should be directed to their respective Websites.)

The Library receives questions and requests in its consultations with the Keio University Graduate Student Council, as well as from individual patrons at Library counters and via online requests. We endeavor to improve the Library's services in response to these queries. Here we have compiled a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions and requests.

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Q01. KOSMOS shows that a book I searched for is in the stacks, but I couldn't find it there.

Q02. When I searched for a magazine in KOSMOS, it showed the title with the listing "Mita 3F". But when I looked there, I only found a partial set of back numbers of the magazine.

Q03. KOSMOS gave "Lab. Bldg." as the location of a book I searched for. Can I get access to this book?

 Book Loans/Returns/Renewals

Q01. How many books can I borrow at one time?

Q02. Can I check out English-Japanese and Japanese-English dictionaries?

Q03. Can I check out DVDs and CDs?

Q04. Can I renew a book I've checked out, or extend the due date?

Q05. What happens if I lost or damaged a book I borrowed from the Library?

Q06. Can you tell me the title of the book I borrowed and returned some time ago?

Q07. What can I do if I want to be the next to check out a book that a friend of mine is currently borrowing?

Q08. If I keep a book past the due date, will I be unable to check out other books?

Q09. Can I return books checked out from the Old Building or the Hiyoshi Media Center to the Main Counter in the New Building?

Q10. Can I borrow materials kept in the Old Building of the Library?

Q11. Can I check out magazines?

 Interlibrary Loans (ILL)

Q01. How long does it take to get a book on interlibrary loan from another Keio campus?

Q02. Can I order magazines by interlibrary loan?

Q03. How long does it take to get photocopies ordered by ILL from another Keio campus?

Q04. Can I order materials by ILL from Waseda University?

Q05. Can I order materials via the ILL system from other libraries in Japan or overseas?

 Purchases Books

Q01. How does the Library select the books it purchases?

Q02. If I recommend the purchase of a specific book, will the Library purchase it?

Q03. Can I donate a book to the Library?

 Course Reserve Books

Q01. How do I look for a Course Reserve Books?

Q02. Where do I find Course Reserve Books in the Library?

Q03. Can I check out a Course Reserve Books?

 Graduate Theses

Q01. Why do I have to get permission from the author before I can copy a masters thesis?

Q02. Why is it taking so long to get an answer to my request for permission to copy a masters thesis?

Q03. Where can I find past undergraduate theses?

 Database and Electronic journal

Q01. Where can I access to databases and e-journals?

Q02. What electronic resources are available to me?

Q03. Do I need password to use electronic resources?

Q04. I cannot access to electronic journals and/or databases. Where I can find a help?

 Using Computers or Network

Q01. Can I use my computer at the library?

Q02. Does the Library loan out Computers, LAN cards, LAN cables, or other computer equipment?

 Photocopy Services

Q01. Where can I purchase a prepaid copy card?

Q02. Why can't I photocopy my personal documents on a copy machine in the Library?

 Facilities and Equipment

Q01. Where is the Old Building?

Q02. Where is the South Building?

Q03. Sometimes the Library seems too hot or too cold. Is there any way to adjust the temperature in a particular area?

Q04. Do you have vending machines for beverage in the library?

Q05. Are there paper cutters and staplers available in the Library?

Q06. Can I get change inside the Library?


Q01. Where do I go if I lost something at the Library?

Q02. Can I have food and drink in the library?

Q03. Is there a place in the Library where I can use my mobile phone?