Keio University Mita Media Center

Copy service counter

Service Hours

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Copying by Library staff

You may ask Library staff to make copies for you. Fill out the copy request form (available at the Copy Service Counter), place markers at the start and end of each section to be copied, and bring all materials to the Copy Service Counter.

30 yen per sheet (mono) / 100 yen per sheet (color) for those affiliated with Keio and Waseda University, Keio University alumnus
55 yen per sheet (mono) / 200 yen per sheet (color) for those affiliated with other universities or research institutions

Prepaid copy cards

Special prepaid cards are available for use with the Library copy machines. Card dispensers are located on the 1F and 3F of the New Building, the 3F of the Old Building and the 1F and B3F of the South Building. 

Price: 1,000 yen

Exchange of money

You can get 2,000 and 5,000 and 10,000 yen bills changed at the Copy Service Counter.


Receipts are issued at the Copy Service Counter on request under the following conditions:

  • only for copying done by library staff
  • only for unused copy cards
  • only in the name of the individual requesting the copies 
    (names of organizations, such as schools, businesses, corporations or other institutions, cannot be used as payer)

Please note also that receipts cannot be reissued.

Printing paper sales

To print out documents at the Database Areas, you must bring your own printing paper. You can purchase printing paper at the Copy Service Counter.

Price per 10 sheets: B5 - 20 yen, A4 - 20 yen , B4 - 30 yen, A3 - 40 yen
Price per 500 sheets: A4 - 440 yen