Keio University Mita Media Center

Self Service Copy

The copy machines on each floor can be used for copying Library materials in accordance with copyright restrictions.
  Charge: 10 yen per sheet (monochrome) / 50 yen per sheet (color)
  Paper Size: A3, B4, A4, B5

The copying of Library materials is subject to copyright law, and must not infringe on the rights of the copyright holder. Therefore the following restrictions apply to the copying of Library materials:

  • Copying is permitted only for research purposes. Only one copy can be made per person, and no more than one-half of a given publication may be copied.
  • Copy machines in the Library are for reproducing Library materials. They should not be used to copy personal notes or other non-Library materials.
  • Copying of more than one-half of a publication is permitted only after the author has been dead for 50 years. (To copy more than one-half of a publication, you must obtain permission from the current copyright holder.)
  • The complete text of an article or other item published in a periodical may be reproduced only after a certain time interval following its publication (typically three months after publication, or after the next issue has come out).

If you wish to copy the following types of materials, please bring them to the Main Counter (1F, New Building):

  • Materials kept in storage boxes or bags
  • Materials in deteriorated condition

You may use Library copy machines at the following locations in accordance with the regulations listed above:
Copy Machines Available in the Library

For mechanical problems with the machines, or exchange of money, inquire at the Copy Service Counter (1F, New Building).