Keio University Mita Media Center

Audio-Visual (AV) Corner

Audio-visual (AV)materials  can be used in the Audio-Visual (AV) Corner  on the 3F of the Old Building. AV materials can be searched on KOSMOS (Keio University Libraries catalog).

Available Equipment

VHS video deck : 2 sets
Blu-ray player : 4 sets(including DVDs) 
LD/DVD deck : 1 set 
DVD player for worldwide video format : 1 set
CASSETTE deck : 1 set 
CD deck: 1 set 
Record Player : 1 set 

Notes on Use

  • AV materials are protected by copyright law. The altering, copying, or redistribution of the Material without express written permission is prohibited.
  • The AV Corner is intended primarily for the use of AV materials of the Mita Media Center collection. Using materials brought from outside may be restrainted.
  • Video deck for worldwide VHS format service ended on March,2014.