Keio University Mita Media Center

Book Request (Extramural)

You can request books from the domestic libraries and foreign other libraries
  •  You cannot request serials.
  •  Please request photocopies of articles from serials by Photocopy Request.

This service is only available to: Faculty, Staff, Undergraduate and Graduate Students, and Correspondence Course Students who have library cards issued by the Mita Media Center

How to request 

* Online request -- You can request books by Book Request(Extramural).
* At the Reference Counter -- Fill out the request form at the Reference Counter on the 1st floor of Mita Media Center..
     Click to download Request Form [PDF].
  • If the book that you want is written in specific language such as Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Turkish, Russian or the bibliographical matter is incomplete, please request the book at the Reference Counter.
  • Please request for each book to every one case
  • If you wish to place restrictions (e.g. of time or expense) on your ILL request, please mention these
  • If you wish to have receipts of your ILL requests, please mention it. The name on the ILL receipt will be the same as the name of the applicant.
  • Before placing an ILL request, please check our library holdings.
  • You cannot request the title that you can access at the Mita Media Center
  • There are some books that you cannot request because of some reasons.
  • Some books cannot be obtained through ILL. Details will be provided when you place request.
  • Cancellations may not be made after your application, and you are responsible for all charges.
  •  Please request the book stored at other Keio Campus ,by Book Request (Intramural).

Time required

  • From Waseda University -- It takes about one week from your request to arrival.
  • From other domestic libraries -- It takes almost about ten days from your request to arrival.
  • From foreign libraries -- It takes over two weeks from your request to arrival.


  • From Waseda University -- No charge
  • From other domestic libraries – Actual cost* 
  • From foreign libraries – Actual cost*
    *includes all necessary expenses (sum of the amount billed from the other libraries and return postage etc.)
  • Faculty affiliated with the Mita Campus may make payments through their department.

Notice of book arrival / Picking up your book / Holding Time

  • Making request by online request --- As soon as your request arrives, we will let you know to your e-mail address that you used for your requesting.
  • Making request at the ILL Counter --- As soon as your request arrives, we will let you know to your e-mail address registered to our library system.
  • If you have not registered your e-mail address, we will let you know by telephone.
  • Pick up your request at the ILL Counter (New Building, Main Counter) during service hours: Please refer to the Library hours.
  • Please be aware whether a copy may arrive instead of a book
  • You can use the book you requested after paying the ILL charge.
  • Books loaned from extramural libraries can be reviewed only inside the Library.(Be sure not to take books with you out of the Library)
  • The book you requested will be kept in the library, so that you may review it in the library any time you need until the due date.
  • Usually a period until the due date is almost around one month at least two weeks
  • When you do not use the book before the due date, the book will be returned. You will be responsible for all charges.
  • Please abide by the Copyright Law in your using.
  • About the usage of the book that you requested, it varies according to a rule of the libraries.
  • Please consent that you may not copy the book, because of the condition ▪ When you damage the book you requested during the use, you may take responsibility according to a rule of the library,