Keio University Mita Media Center

Book Request (Intramural)

You can request books from the libraries of other Keio campuses and books stored at the Book Depositories. 
  • You cannot request serials through ILL.. (There are some exceptions)
  • Please request photocopies of articles from serials by Photocopy Request.
  • This service is only available to: Faculty, Staff, Undergraduate and Graduate Students, and Correspondence Course Students who have library cards issued by the Mita Media Center 
     *However, materials stored at the Book Depositories (Depository T, Depository J, Off-campus Depository and Yamanaka Book Depository) are available to holders of library entry passes.
  •  Please ask to the ILL Section for details.

How to Request

* KOSMOS My library -- Please log in to My Library at the place of search results of KOSMOS, and reserve it.
* At the ILL Counter -- Fill out the request form at the ILL Counter.
* Online request -- You can also request books by Book Request (Intramural).
  • Please search KOSMOS to find that books you are looking for..
  • There are some books you cannot request through ILL. Details will be provided when you place your request.
  • You can reserve books if it is in the stacks, on loan, in the process of being moved, on the reserve shelf, on reserve, or on display as a new book.
  • For other statuses, please inquire at the ILL Section.
  • You cannot reserve the book on the shelf at Mita library.
  • You cannot make a reservation for the book you are borrowing.
  • Books stored at Kyoseikan – ILL is available only to Faculty Staff, and Graduate students.
         Undergraduates and Correspondence Course Students may go to the library and use books there. 
         With the introduction letter is necessary. 
         Please come to the Mita or Hiroshi Reference Counter before going to Kyoseikan

Charge / Time required 

  • Because of using the truck between the campuses, the book request from other campuses in Keio University is free of charge
  • When you reserve a book “in the stacks”, it takes about 2-3 days from your request to arrival.
  • If you reserve the book stored at Fujisawa or Kangoiryo campus, it will take some more time.
  • Applications on the weekend will be processed next week. Please apply well in advance.

Notice of book arrival / Picking up your book / Holding Time 

  • As soon as your order arrives, we will let you know to your e-mail address registered to our library system.
  • We contact the person who does not register the e-mail address, on a bulletin board.
  • *The telephone communication does not support on this service.
  • Pick up your request at the Circulation Counter of the Main Counter, New Building during service hours.
    Please refer to theLibrary hours.
  • Books will be held for one week from the date of arrival.
  • If you do not pick up the book before the time limit of the reservation, your reservation will be canceled and the book will be returned.
         The following books will be held for two weeks from the date of arrival .
    • Periodicals stored at Hiyoshi Depository (Mita)
    • Periodicals stored and oversized books at Yamanaka Book Depository
    • Reference books and stored at Hakuraku satellite library
    • Old Classification books stored at Hakuraku satellite library
           (Faculty Staff and Graduate Students can borrow these.)