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Toyama Music Collection

The Toyama Music Collection is housed in the Mita Media Center (Old Building). The collection is named for its donor, Kazuyuki Toyama, one of Japan's preeminent music scholars and critics. It contains scores, books, records, and microfilm documents produced in the West and related primarily to medieval, Renaissance, and non-Japanese contemporary music.

In 1952, Kazuyuki Toyama founded the Toyama Music Foundation with his own funds for the purpose of promoting research on Western music in Japan. The extensive collection of valuable musical materials assembled by the Foundation forms the basis of the collection at the Mita Media Center. It includes a full set of musicology periodicals from various Western countries and rare books such as the first 1652 edition of Meibom's Antiquae Musicae Auctores. It also contains materials of interest about Baroque, classical and romantic composers, including complete sets of scores by Berlioz, Wagner, Schubert, and Liszt.

The core of the collection is a virtually complete assemblage of materials by or about medieval and Renaissance music, including scores by the great composers from Machaut to Monteverdi, theoretical treatises of the day, and contemporary research. The contemporary music section of the collection focuses on composers born between the late 1800s and the 1930s.

Visitors not affiliated with Keio University may view the collection by bringing a letter of introduction from their institution's library or by paying the 100 yen entrance fee.


Over 30,000 items about Western music
6,000 books
12,000 records
10,000 scores


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If you are looking for materials about Japanese modern and contemporary music, contact the Nippon Kindai Ongakukan (Documentation Center of Modern Japanese Music). This center was founded in 1987 by the library of the Toyama Music Foundation.


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