Keio University Mita Media Center

For External Users

Keio University Library is staffed and funded to serve the scholarly needs of the Keio University faculty, students, and staff. Basically the library is not open to the public; however the collections are available to other researchers with certain process.
You may check our Catalogue via the Internet: KOSMOS  

Users from cooperative agreement libraries (Waseda University and Hitotsubashi University)

Please present Student ID/ID Card upon entry. Browsing and photocopying services are available. No letter of introduction is required. Some items, however, may require prior booking.

Users from other research institute / universities

There are 2 ways for accessing to the library.

1.Getting “Letter of introduction”

You are required to bring a “letter of introduction” issued by your university library and present your personal identification to enter the library. For details regarding “Letter of Introduction”, please consult your library. For Librarian

Available services with letter of introduction:
Browsing and copying of materials. Self-service photocopiers are provided and may be used in accordance with the Copyright Law.
Books cannot be checked out. Use of electronic resources is not allowed.


Thesis@Keio is the short term program for overseas graduate students. Successful applicants will be eligible users of library materials. See details.

Other external users

Keio University Library accepts inquiries only from library staff regarding book collections or usage services. Please consult your local public library. Library may provide a “letter of introduction” for your visiting.
It is advisable to reserve the materials you wish to see. This request should be made by the librarian who issues the letter of introduction. For Librarian

For Librarian:

A letter of introduction, or 'SHOKAIJO' in Japanese, should include following items;

  • User’s name  *required
  • User’s affiliation/university’s name or address  *required
  • User’s phone number or email address  *required
  • Contact address of the library which issued the letter of introduction  *required
  • Specified period of visit  (not required)
  • Bibliographic data of the materials you wish to examine (limited to those not available in public libraries)  (not required)

There is no format of letter of introduction.
Services are offered to a limited range of library facilities. Before making a letter of introduction, it is desirable to confirm which Keio University library has the materials your patron would like to access via our catalogue: KOSMOS

※Please also note that external users under 18 years are not allowed to enter the Library.

Manners and Etiquette

-    Eating, drinking (exc. bottled drinks) or smoking are prohibited in the library.
-    Please keep your valuables with you all the time.
-    Please set mobile phones in silent mode.