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Using Books
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The Keio University ID Card or The Library Card is required for admission to the Library.
If you don't have the Library Card, please apply at 1F Main Counter.

Library ID

Using Books


Present your Keio University ID Card or Library Card and the book you wish to check out at the counter.

New Building: 1F Main Counter
Old Building: 3F Service Counter
South Building: B3F Counter


  No. of Books Loan Period Renewal Overdue Fine
Owned by Request Loan general books maximum days of borrowing per book per day
No limit No limit 90days 365days 10yen
SHINANOMACHI, NMC  14days 90days
KYOSEIKAN 20 20 30days 90days

  By other materials loan periods and maximum days of borrowing are different.

  • The following publications may not be taken.
    • Reference books
    • Course Reserve Books
    • Oversized books
    • Periodicals (including magazines, newspapers, statistical publications and yearbooks)
    • Statutes, law reports, and legislative materials
    • Audio-visual materials (except music CDs)
    • Microforms
  • Long-term loan is available during summer/winter/spring vacations. 


Present your Card and the book you wish to return at the counter.

New Building: 1F Main Counter
Old Building: 3F Service Counter
South Building: B3F Counter

You can check the due date ; 
via KOSMOS  My Library (
by the stamp on the due date slip attached to the book.

  • Books could be returned to any of the three Circulation counters (New, Old and South Building) despite the place of check out.
  • You can also return them in the other Media Centers. when you check materials out, the staff will inform you if they must be returned to the same location.
Overdue Penalties

There is a fine of 10 yen per book per day overdue.
Overdue penalties still apply while the Media Center is closed.

Lost or damaged items

Please handle library items with care. In case of loss or damage of the item, inform Main Counter immediately.
Damage fee may incur depending on the situation and the item conditions. 


If you want to use the borrowed book continuously, it can be renewed until the maximum length of period for renewal.
You may renew;
via KOSMOS  My Library ( .
by calling to Mita Circulation Section with the books and your Library Card 
Phone: +81-(0)3-5427-1654 [Mon-Fri 9:00-17:00].
by bringing the books with your Library Card to the counter.

New Building: 1F Main Counter
Old Building: 3F Service Counter
South Building : B3F Counter

Books could be renewed at any of the three Circulation counters (New, Old and South Building).
the other Keio Media Centers on other campuses.

  • The following books cannot be renewed:
    - Books that have been reserved by someone else
    - Books over the maximum days
  • The loan period for a renewed book is the same as its initial loan period, counting from the day of renewal.

Reserving Books Currently on Loan 

If you want a book that is currently out on loan, it can be reserved for you;

As soon as the book is returned, you will be noticed by e-mail , if your e-mail address is registered at the Library.
A notice will be posted on the bulletin board by the Counter if you have not registered at the Library.
Books will be held at the following counters of building where the book is arranged.
All books from other campuses will be held at the Main Counter in the New Building.

Reference Services

  • Faculty members can request reference assistance by ;
    Phone (ex. 22543)
    Web reference : Use Reference Request Form
    E-mail : (full-time faculty only): Use only when Web reference cannot be used.
    For in-depth reference assistance, please inquire at the appropriate Counter.
  • Guidance is provided to new teachers (full-time faculty or visiting researchers on the Mita Campus). Please make your request at least three days before the desired date.
  • Assistance is provided in the preparation of bibliographic lists.

Course Reserve Books

This service enables instructors to designate materials for specific courses as reserved books for the duration of the course.Course Reserve Books are kept on the West Reading Room on 2nd floor of the New Building. Non-book reserved materials (such as Audio-visual materials) are kept in the Service Counter on 3rd floor of the Old Building. Course Reserve Books for the Law School students are kept in the 2nd basement of the South Building. And Course Reserve Books for the School of Library and Information Science students are kept on 5th floor of the New Building.Course Reserve Books could be searched via KOSMOS (Keio University Libraries catalog). They are not for circulation and are to be used in the library only.

Eligible Applicants

Instructors of specific courses during the current academic year on Mita campus.


One full year or one semester, depending on the course. Materials will be removed from reserve when the course is over. If the same materials are to be used again in subsequent years, please inform the Circulation Section before the end of the course period.

Applicable Materials 

Books, Periodicals, and Audio-visual materials are applicable. The Library will attempt to purchase or otherwise prepare any materials requested. If the Library is unable to purchase requested material, the applicant will be asked to bring it to the Library.
Please note that we basically do not accept photocopies.

Request Procedure

Web Application Form for Course Reserve Book

Fill in the Book Reservation Request Form (PDF) and submit it to the Main Counter (1F, New Building). Fill out one request form for each title.
*When you request series of materials, please use one request form for each volume.

Course Reserve Book Request Form  (PDF)


  • Up to 20 materials per course.
             (Law School Course Reserve does not have the limit on the number of materials.)
  • Up to 2 copies per title, including audio-visual materials. *All courses.


Purchase or preparation (depending on the quantity of material) may require more time than anticipated (I.e. one to three months for foreign materials.) Please allow ample time for acquisition when making your request. Materials may not be ready by the start of the semester if the request is made too close to the deadline.

For further questions, please refer to the following counters:

  • Mita Media Center Public Service: New Building, 1F Main Counter
            FAX: +81-(0)3-5427-1658